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Macedonia Christian Church may be a place that you would like to have for your special day. Brides like the church because it has a center aisle and is just large enough where a small wedding still looks as if it is full. Macedonia was built on this site with the stone exterior structure in 1928, although the church has been in existence since 1830. It is traditional, in that it has stained glass windows and very recognizable Greek columns on the front of the building.

Another feature for having your wedding at Macedonia is that you do not necessarily have to be a member here, and you may use your minister, or ours. Our lead pastor is Fred Turner.  When the bride and groom are considering whether or not to have their wedding here, please note that both he and she must be of the Christian faith.

If you have an interest in viewing the church, we invite you to attend one of our Sunday services, or call the church office for more information regarding the availability and possible viewing of the church site. The church office number is 859-299-1709.

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