These are missions we have supported in recent years and we wholehartedly endorse.


Assurance for Life

Christ’s love, offered freely, one-on-one, to envision the unique and sacred value of each human being.


Macedonia’s Refugee Efforts

Several in our church family have made special connections with relocated refugees.  As a result, our church has found a new love being involved in the lives of these new relationships.  Occasionally we will list needs for items to help these families get on their feet and set up.



The Gideons focus on distributing Bibles and New Testaments.  These copies of God’s words are printed in more than 90 languages.  They are given individually and in easy to find locations all over the world.

christmas child

Operation Christmas Child

A small shoebox can teach a child about the love of God, and lead him or her to faith in Christ, inspire pastors, and plant new churches.  What goes into the box is fun, but what comes out is eternal!

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Blue Grass Christian Camp

A beautiful surrounding where people of all ages can come to discover, develop, and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.


Shining A Light

Empowering the women of Tanzanian through employment training, education, and spiritual enrichment.

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Room In the Inn

Room in the Inn is a seasonal winter shelter for homeless men of the Greater Lexington area.


Big Creek Missions is a Christian ministry center in Bear Branch, Kentucky that works to connect churches and volunteer groups from across the country with needs that exist in the Leslie, Clay, and Perry County areas.


Dufailly Christian Mission

What started as a group meeting under a shelter in 2004 has grown into a church with its own building and a school that continues to out grow its space every year and after every expansion.


Center Church of Berea

A new church plant in Berea, Pastored by Bryan Duncan, born out of a deep commitment to be involved in the lives of the people in this wonderful southern Kentucky town. Named Center because of a core belief the Jesus Christ and His gospel message should be at the “center” of all we do and all we are.


Northwest Haiti Christion Mission

Our mission is simple: To serve the people of the Northwest region. We provide sustainable, real support to these people in need and enrich their lives spiritually and physically.