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Lisa Henson-Lear



Pam Wilson, Teacher

Taylor Kruckeberg, Assistant Teacher

Angela Renick, Assistant Teacher


Music Teacher

Crystal Ransom

2-yr-old (Lambs)

Hester Love, Teacher

Kara Barnes, Assistant Teacher

Gina Meadows, Assistant Teacher


3-yr-old (Sheep)

Crystal Ransom, Teacher

Kacey Collignon, Assistant Teacher

Kaylan Schwarberg, Assistant Teacher

4-yr-old (Shepherds)

Angela Renick, Teacher

Noel McDowell, Assistant Teacher


Lunch Bunch & Extended Care

Gina Meadows

At BEGINNINGS we begin guiding our students from the moment they enter our school to develop emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually into strong and loving children.

Lisa Henson-Lear
Director Beginnings Christian Day School

Contact Number : 859-299-2468

Pam Wilson
Pre-K Teacher

Angela Renick
4-yr-old Teacher

Hester Love-Burchett
2-yr-old Teacher

Noel McDowell
4-yr-old Assistant Teacher

Gina Meadows

Crystal Ransom
3-yr-old Teacher

Kaylan Schwarberg
3-yr-old Assistant Teacher

Kara Barnes
2-yr-old Assistant Teacher

Taylor Kruckeberg
Pre-K Assistant Teacher

Dawn Jackson
Assistant Teacher

Kacey Collignon
3-yr-old Assistant Teacher